Medical Electronics / HUMEDS Cardiac Telehealth System

We and our partner company developed a cutting edge end-to-end TeleHealth solution for fast, extremely accurate and simple detection of heart arrhythmia and automatized share of such information between doctors and patients remotely. It enables simple and comfortable ECG recording anytime/anyplace by capturing high quality ECG signals.

Hardware features an ECG holter monitor and event recorder device that can save ECG signal and send it in the patient’s record on the cloud. Signals are stored, downloaded and reproduced to ECG specialist’s mobile devices, allowing them to send back the feedback to the patient right away.

We also developed advanced DSP algorithms which enable highly accurate automatic software diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia, thus significantly speeding up doctor’s process of diagnosis determination.

Key features:

  • ECG holter and event recorder device(s) (3 and 12 leads) that can record ECG signal on 24/7 basis for 10 days with single charging
  • Advanced signal filtering and processing algorithms build in
  • Connectivity Options:
  • Bluetooth connectivity with the phone
  • Built-in GSM transmission for services without phone
  • USB connectivity for internal hospital use
  • Rechargeable battery via USB connection supporting up to 7 days of continuous recording
  • Signal is uploaded to the cloud server where the set of proprietary algorithms are running live detection and classification of arrhythmias
  • Web platform and mobile applications for patients and doctors allow patients to access instant medical care and doctors to be able to set diagnosis remotely
  • The backbone of the system are advanced DSP algorithms that are able to detect when arrhythmia happens and can classify those arrhythmias thus giving advice to doctor about possible diagnose of the patient with ability to detect 98% of cardiac arrhythmia with more than 96% of precision for each analyzed on MIT/BIH ECG signal database
  • System proposing diagnose to the doctor and significantly reduces time required for doctors to set the right diagnose

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