Customers today have more information, choice and control. Don’t be passive and watch as your customers go away.

Get more control over managing your sales with contact management, sales funnel monitoring,  and automatic segmentation of your customers by attributes and marketing details.

Increase Marketing potential

BeeCRM is an online CRM solution (SaaS) which will help you to make a perfect relationship with your customers. BeeCRM provides a wide range of tools for increasing your marketing potential:

Use campaigns to inform your customers about the cool, new products you have. Create unqie, rich templates for communicating your special offers. Use registration forms on your website or emails to get your newly registered customers directly into BeeCRM. Use our questionnaire module to define your questions and get feedback from your customers.

Improve team Collaboration

Internal communication is important for every CRM implementation. Very specific tools help you and your team to achieve better internal collaboration, like task management and redirection, discussions, and a common company-wide calendar and address book.

With defined fixtures, but still flexible

BeeCRM has high level of flexibility, and simple configuration tools that will allow you to customize BeeCRM exactly per your company requirements.

BeeCRM is designed to help small companies (users) without deep experience or knowledge about CRM systems. If you have a small company, BeeCRM can work as your personal assistant, control your database of your customers, remind you about your meetings, make customer flow, send mass mails, etc. If you have a big company, you will have no problems with thre implementation into your workflow either. You can organize your sales agents individually (what they can or cannot see, delete, etc), without support of an IT department.

Customer status module

Our customer status module makes it possible for you to manage your customers by the details you know about them. The more details you know about the customer – the better for your business.

Tasks management

Make tasks and todos for every customer, for every phone call, every mail. Next time when you open a customer's profile, you will see all your previos history for that specific customer.

Campaign and e-mail marketing

Our campaign module will help you to create customized marketing campaigns using your customer database. BeeCRM makes it easy to manage your campaings and track their effectiveness.

Automatic status update

BeeCRM's automatization features will help you to keep your customer statuses up to date.  You don’t have to check and manually change status for every customer, just set the rules and the system will do it for you.


Perfect way to get feedback from your customers about you. Define your own questions and survey workflows, and BeeCRM makes it easy for you to evaluate the results.

Import / Export

You can migrate your current customerdatabase other sources, and Excel files as well.

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