Cell Monitoring System

CELLIoT leverages Netlife's experience with enterprise software and IoT devices to form a total Production Management solution for any - mostly cellular - plant layout. From the management offices through production planning to the factory floor, CELLIoT helps you identify weak spots, streamline production processes by relying on accurate, real-time data and monitor the performance of your workforce - in your browser of choice!
Create the desired cell layout, arrange workstations, upload your production schedule, get detailed reports tailored to suit your needs, analyze and enhance process efficiency, increase labor productivity by letting go of the clerical errors and hassles associated with paper-based accounting, and minimize downtime.

CELLIoT gathers data from a network of devices (clients) connected directly to your factory automation equipment (PLCs). A summary device - displaying relevant production metrics at-a-glance, like rejection rate, hourly and average yield percentage as well as part information - is usually installed near the cell to facilitate the easy assessment of its status. KPIs get updated on-the-fly and are available immediately for authorized personnel. 


    • fault-tolerant servers installed on-site
    • clients receive the production schedule and submit data about the parts processed to the server
    • clients can be left headless or equipped with a screen in order to display instructions, communicate with the operator and help identify the root causes of manufacturing defects
    • fine-grained access control
    • upload, view and manage your production schedule
    • create the desired cell layout
    • an overview of the whole factory floor provides easy access to cell status and KPIs for shift supervisors to guarantee timely intervention should the need arise
    • various built-in reports and analytics: rejection rate and causes, manufacturing schedule adherence, performance and downtime analysis, operational availability and much more

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