The new SAP GUI with Blue Crystal theme

The new version of SAP GUI for Windows was released on October 8th. It has the version number 740. It present a new visual design theme which is called the Blue Crystal. The name can be familiar for those who has some knowledge about the SAP Fiori apps. The SAP GUI improved a lot over the years, now it doesn’t give the feeling that it’s something which was developed a hundred years ago.

Which one would you suggest to your client?


The new GUI has the same gradient background like the Fiori apps. Whit this new design SAP took a big step towards the usage of SAP Fiori apps. Now the two interfaces are much closer to each other, and now it’s easier for the users to accept these application. It helps to improve user experience as well, because it has a nice feeling when you use this new theme. And when more and more companies will implement Fiori solutions, those themes will be familiar for the users.

The only thing what I’m missing from this new theme is the capability to colorize the UI based on systems and clients. It’s a great help for those people (like consultants) who are using three or four systems at the same time. It’s much easier for them if you can decide from just the colour which system are you using at the moment (like mark the production system with red, not to make any unwanted change accidentally).   

One more thing which could be useful for the future. It’d be great if the next SAP GUI would have tabbed sessions, like in Google Chrome. It would make life much easier if you’d see those sessions which belong to a specific system in one window, but in several tabs. Maybe for the next release in the SAP GUI.

All in all, it’s a great step from SAP to bring the new SAP Fiori and the old SAP GUI one step closer to each other. 


You can download SAP GUI 740 from here.

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author: Dávid Tóth