SAP Fiori experience

It was a long time ago we wrote something about SAP UI5. Since the last blog post I’ve dug deeper into UI5. Now the UI5 is has a new way of make the user experience better. It’s called SAP Fiori. It’s not a tool, it’s like some guidelines how to create eye-catching UX which is easy to use and learn. The main thing in Fiori is to bring the same user interface for different applications. For example if you’re a Sales Representative and you’re using an app for creating quotation, and using another one for manager your timetable it’ll have the same interface. And if you’ll use a new app, you don’t have to re-learn the usage of the application. It’s really easy to deal with new apps, which makes user experience better.

 And as a technical guy you can develop new application in a few days. It’s really fast to develop. And now there’s a new tool for building Fiori applications. SAP delivered the SAP River RDE. The River RDE was announced in June. I’ll write another blogpost about it in next month.

Last time I’ve created a simple application (it was prepared to show it in the University). At first it took some time to learn the basics of UI5 and Fiori, but after the first app it’s much easier to develop another. Right now my plan is to connect my Fiori app to the Fiori Launchpad, which is the landing page of the Fiori applications, and connect the application to an SAP server to use data from there (via Odata).


I think the best thing in UI5 and Fiori that it’s responsive, so you don’t have to develop it to different screen resolution, the UI5 framework will do the job instead of you. And your app will look the same on a PC, on your iPad and on your phone. And you have a variety of useful pre-developed controls. It’s like a magic box, you just take out what you need and use it in your app.

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author: Dávid Tóth